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It wasn't enough that i was super skinny-I was hideously ugly, too.I was legally blind so i had to wear coke-Bottle thick glasses with huge round rims and my teeth stuck out almost straight so that people called me bugs bunny and the cruel kids ostracized me on a daily basis.They said i could"Eat corn through a picket fence. " (I can laugh now, but boy that one hurt! ) Then in 5th grade, i got braces.They wouldn't be off for 3 more years, but i couldn't have been more proud.It gave me the confidence to make the drill team at my school and slowly but surely, i gained friends. In 7th grade, i got contacts, too, so my big blue eyes were no longer hidden and i finally felt good about myself.I was always taller than the other girls. 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I have a sister who is 6 years older than me.She went to a church boarding school, so we were never close.She eventually became addicted to drugs and we have just recently began trying to reconcile after many years of bad blood between us due to her addiction and the fact that she has 4 kids and 1 grandchild. High school and college were kowz Keys UK better for me. So i went to texas tech university right out of college and studied journalism.I originally wanted to be in broadcast journalism because i envisioned myself the next barbara walters or diane sawyer. After the first year, i was horribly homesick.I came home for the summer and since my boyfriend, a football player for texas tech, decided to stay home, i left tech, too. I immediately got an offer to train with a former pga pro who offered to take me to the next level-Turning pro in exchange for a cut of my future earnings.I also immediately had a sponsor offer to pay my way through the mini-Tour before i turned pro. 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