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Gods Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses among Dresses homepage us wiki Criminal genius lex luthor hates his intellectual inferiors, but loathes superman most of all.He abandoned the kryptonite version of his suit after thinking it was too cruel to use on the former herochapter twenty reveals that the parallel universe lex luthor(Who never took to a life of crime)Survived the destruction of metropolis by having a speedster on his payroll quickly move him into a secure bunker in his lexcorp tower.Lex survived a month in the bunker before managing to repair his emergency radio and issue a single broadcast to all radios across several states, and even reach the justice league's watchtower.Lex's bunker was found by superman, wonder woman and green lantern under the ruins of his tower, with the man of steel shocked then quickly overjoyed to discover his friend was alive.Lex explains his contingency plan that ensured his survival before asking what has happened since the nuclear blast.Superman promises to tell him later, as lex is still in danger from the lingering radiation in the city.Once he's out of the city, lex requests a meeting with the justice league, explaining he knows what they're trying to do, before pointing out that it's still a lot of work, even for them.He offers them assistance by helping them form better plans for their mission, though wonder woman is quick to ask if they can trust him.Lex stuns everyone in the watchtower by revealing their secret identities one by one.He points out that because of his intelligence, their secret identities"Are no secret to me. "He reveals that he's protected their identities and loved ones for some time, and that they've"Had to trust me for a long time.You just didn't know it. "He then asks to join them.In the next chapter, lex is seen among the gathered justice league, listening to flash reveal hawkgirl's kidnapping at the hands of captain atom, black lightning and huntress.When they can't figure out why they would be working together, luthor calmly points out,"It's batman. "When green lantern points out batman wasn't seen there, luthor uses this as his argument that the dark knight was involved.After explaining that the league is too thinly spread out, and that batman will use this to pick them all off one by one, he suggests to superman that he needs more people.The flash angrily disagrees with this idea and says they need to find hawkgirl, but to the heroes shock, she appears before all of them.Lex is in disbelief that batman just returned shiera, and silently listens to the league as they begin to argue after hawkgirl gives batman's message of working with the world instead of for it.Once damian points out his father's plan of having the league fight amongst themselves, lex confirms the young boy's words and suggests to superman that he let him help shape the league's message of peace by promoting a press conference in paris.Superman agrees to this, and also suggests other members of the league accompany him.Sometime later, lex checks on superman as he dresses in a suit, and eases his worries by reminding him,"I think this is one of those jobs for clark. "Luthor then introduces clark to the gathered crowds before the conference and stands by his side while clark delivers his speech to the people.Lex is next seen barely avoiding a blast from a parademon as they begin their full assault in paris.After superman has wiped out the entire invasion force of parademons, lex happily presents the victorious man of steel to the cheering masses.Sometime afterward on the watchtower, lex approaches superman and wonder woman as they discuss raising an army to enforce the peace they've created, correcting diana after she says there are no more like them to create such an army, with lex saying,"Not yet.But there will be. "In chapter twentysix, lex has completed the first of the enhancement pills within the fortress of solitude, and is in awe of his work.Jonathan kent then asks him if he's proud of himself, with luthor admitting he is, having adapted alien technology to enhance the human race even further.Martha kent tells lex that clark doesn't need such a thing but needs someone to talk to.Lex disagrees, saying superman is doing something far greater than they can comprehend.The kents disagree, with martha insisting that her son is hurting and jonathan saying he's lost control after losing metropolis and lois.Martha then tells lex of the first time she and jonathan witnessed clark using his superstrength as a child after he lost a blanket.Luthor is puzzled that she's calling her son a frightened child, asking if what superman is doing is some kind of supertantrum.Jonathan then asks him if he honestly can't see that clark needs help.Lex is silent, unable to reply.As he looks on superman's insignia on a wall in the fortress, lex admits that he wants to believe in clark's cause and that he doesn't want what happened to metropolis to happen again.When martha asks him if he feels guilty for surviving metropolis while others died, lex admit he does.The kents then tell lex that superman's actions may become even more drastic in the near future, and when he asks what they would have him do, jonathan tells him he expects him to do what's right and that by creating the pill, he's created a means that will put power back in the hands of the common people.Jonathan then asks that on the day the world needs that technology to fight against his son, lex will find a way to save him.In the next chapter, lex is wrapping up his presentation of the completed nanotech enhancement pill before the gathered justice league, explaining its qualities to a confused damian wayne.He next suggests they draw up a list of candidates to recruit and disperse out the pills to as to begin forming their ground troops, and corrects green lantern when he calls it an army, insisting that the recruits would be a peacekeeping force only.In the following chapter, lex is among the small group of league members who learn batman has been spying on them by using martian manhunter to disguise himself as hawkgirl.Lex is silent for a while as he takes every word in before suggesting to superman that they call everyone back in, saying that no one should be alone and they need a plan to protect the others close to them, though superman disagrees with this, saying it's exactly what batman wants.Instead, the man of steel attempts to publicly oust batman's identity but just as he is about to, the watchtower goes offline entirely.Lex keeps a cool head, asking if the teleporters are still online before saying they need to get the watchtower down to earth before they run out of oxygen.Superman refuses at first, insisting they reveal batman's identity Mermaid Wedding Dresses Australia first.When cyborg says there's no way, damian reminds them that lex is the smartest man in the world, causing lex and cyborg to share a look before placing batman's identity on the internet.In the next chapter, lex is aiding in the repair of the watchtower alongside cyborg and shazam when hawkgirl returns.Understandably distrusting, lex showed hawkgirl a match to make sure she was who she claimed to be.After shiera easily puts the match out, lex confirms her identity.Injustice:Gods among useditin the main universe, lex luthor orchestrated a superterrorist attack on metropolis, which would occupy the the superhero community while joker, who was broken out of arkham by deathstroke, prepared a nuke.With metropolis destroyed, luthor would offer to rebuild it, and gain national trust.Deathstroke was ordered to remain in arkham to distract batman, who eventually defeated the mercenary.Meanwhile, luthor alongside catwoman, bane, and grundy distracted the titans by attacking the watchtower.Batman recieved a distress call from nightwing and was able to break the incryption.Luthor sicked bane on him, but the terrorist was quickly defeated.Enraged, lex charged at batman, who countered him with explosive batarangs.Lex was defeated, his warsuit deactivated with emp inhibitors.As catwoman, grundy, and bane were escorted into arkham by raven, luthor maniaclly revealed his plan to batman, but was knocked out by a frustrated nightwing.In the oneearth universe, lex luthor never turned to crime to achieve his goals and was able to gain superman's trust.Though acting as a trusted advisor to the high concilor, luthor had secretly aligned himself with the insurgency, and funded their research.Luthor and batman took to monitoring an alternate world where the destruction of metropolis never occurred.They eventually proceeded to transport the dimension's justice league to their own, since their dna is required to access a kryptonite weapon.Luthor was eventually confronted by deathstroke, who claimed he was ready to join the insurgency.While the two were discussing plans on taking down superman, they were attacked by the newlyarrived cyborg(From the good dimension), who believed them to be villains, plotting the death of the Good Superman.After defeating them both, cyborg was told to stand down by batman, and was eventually informed of the situation.