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Cheap Party Dresses machine Think back

Gossip girl time Cheap Party Dresses machine Think back to the good ol days on our beloved gossip girl to the time of the headbands, the minions, sitting on the steps of constance billard!Did you think all the way back then that our little b in just 4.5 short seasons would be on the cusp of walking down the aisle to marriage? According to the show producers they absolutely did! Not an exaggeration to say that the crew has been planning blair wedding since the pilot, executive producer stephanie savage said at a press screening of gg 100th episode earlier this week, according to zap2it. The extravagance of the affair is representative of just how much time the team has had to ponder the possibilities.Savage indicated that every detail was attended to in the church, including squeee blair initals hanging on each of the church pews! And then of course there that dress. Wang made the dress, savage explained.Felt like a great fit because vera such an iconic new york character.And serena, who is also decked in vera and is never one to the let the spotlight shine completely on someone else, has her moment, according to ep joshua safran. One slightlystrange detail?Because of blair apparent affinity for pop music, as savage explained, the group vitamin string quartet was hired to play classical versions of pat benatar belong and inxs tear us apart.Fun!Except, wait would the songs be played at the actual ceremony?Or, gulp, at the reception?Remember that scary prior reference to a reception? (We haven forgotten it! )Wuh ohhh! Zap2it reports that the episode is tearjerker, but perhaps not for the right reasons.Make of that what you will.